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Let’s take up the crucialissue of powerskills, makingours the reflections by Stacy Simpson, CMO at GENPACT.


Powerskills go far beyond the impact of an individual, they’revital to definingorganizational culture. Whenleaders are goodcommunicators, can listen and revealempathy, theyinspiretheir teams.

When a workforceisflexible, the company is innovative. Whenpeople are problemsolvers, the business iswinning.


In otherwords, powerskillscontributenot just to the success of the individual, but to the success of the entireenterprise.

Powerskills, within the teams, are such a strong toolthat can turn goodintogreat: the superpowersthatmake the impossiblepossible.


The need for powerskillshasonlyincreasedsince the start of the pandemic. Almost overnight, everyone, including business leaders, had to draw on compassion and diginto new depths of communicationsskills to secureemployeewellbeing and trust.

Asorganizations are fosteringdigitaladoption, it’sourpowerskills, likegoodjudgment and relationship building, thatoffer a strong valueintake from theirtechnologyinvestments, so much so their company stand out from competitors.


The realchangeishow to put powerskillsintoaction.

Infact, asanyone in communicationsknows, words are important, but the actionmakes the impact:  we’reresponsible for changing the way wedevelop, value, and rewardtheseskills in ourown teams and in the workforce.


Asleaders, we must transfer in our teams the urgency of developingtheseskills, so it’sessentialaswell to measure and rewardthosewho are proficient in theseareas. In manycases, thismeans to adaptour performance metricsrewarding the totality of skills.


There’s no questionwe are floating in a complex world, thatmeans the skillswe use, asindividuals, asleaders, must rise to meet the contingency.

The future of our companies, ourindustries, and ourcommunitiesrests on the ability for us to collectivelyadapt, evolve, and reinvent. Itrelies on ourability to bring the right combination of technical and powerskillsatsuch an extent to changehearts and minds.

Right here, right now, wehave the ‘power’ to use ourwords and actions to create a more positive future for usall.

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